Regional and Industrial Policy: Europe, Brexit and the Global Economy

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The Regional Studies Association is at the forefront of city and regional research, and has reflected and shaped the policy agenda for over 50 years. The departure of the UK from the EU is likely to have significant consequences for regional policy, industrial strategy and the development of the UK’s cities and regions.

Here you will find the latest academic research, insightful blog posts and key reports. These resources highlight new issues and pressing questions that need to be answered. In the rapidly shifting terrain of the post-Brexit world, this site will link to new resources, shed light on new themes and identify emerging conclusions.

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report 10 Mar 2017

Midlands Engine Strategy

By Department for Communities and Local Government

HM Government argues that: “The Midlands Engine Strategy is a demonstration of the government’s commitment to making the Midlands a powerful engine for economic growth. Stretching from Shropshire to Lincolnshire, with the M1, M6, and most of our major railway lines […]

Industrial StrategyRegional Policy
report 9 Mar 2017

Implications of Brexit for UK ESIF programming and future regional policy

By Jayne Woolford

The UK referendum on EU membership resulted in a vote to leave the bloc. The UK and EU are currently in limbo whilst the withdrawing Member State prepares to trigger Article 50 and formally notify its intent to depart. The […]

BrexitRegional Policy
report 8 Mar 2017

Brexit, EU Area-based Policies, and the Devolved Governments

By David Bell

Since the EU referendum, the post-Brexit future for agricultural, regional and rural policies in the UK have been hotly debated. Few of these debates have taken account of the role of the devolved governments in relation to these policies. Although […]

BrexitRegional Policy
report 6 Mar 2017

Industrial Strategy: First Review

By House of Commons Business Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee

The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee is appointed by the House of Commons to examine the expenditure, administration, and policy of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. This Report focuses on whether the Government’s proposed industrial strategy […]

Industrial Strategy
report 24 Feb 2017

A Global Britain: From local startups to international markets


Tech and digital policy for skills, investment & trade COADEC (the Coalition for the Digital Economy) put forward recommendations on skills, talent, investment and trade to inform the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy in the post-Brexit context.

BrexitIndustrial Strategy

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