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The Regional Studies Association is at the forefront of city and regional research, and has reflected and shaped the policy agenda for over 50 years. The departure of the UK from the EU is likely to have significant consequences for regional policy, industrial strategy and the development of the UK’s cities and regions.

Here you will find the latest academic research, insightful blog posts and key reports. These resources highlight new issues and pressing questions that need to be answered. In the rapidly shifting terrain of the post-Brexit world, this site will link to new resources, shed light on new themes and identify emerging conclusions.

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article 26 Apr 2017

Joseph Rowntree Foundation ‘Industrial Strategy must improve prospects of poorest places post Brexit’

By Daniel Wright and Rachel Case

BrexitIndustrial StrategyRegional Policy
report 25 Apr 2017

UK Parliament Science and Technology Committee: ‘Government’s Industrial Strategy could do more to reflect Brexit opportunities’

By UK Parliament Science and Technology Committee

‘The Science and Technology Committee welcomes the Government’s industrial strategy Green Paper, but it could give more room for discussing its links with Brexit. That means that the industrial strategy is not yet being fully configured to shape our Exit negotiations, […]

BrexitIndustrial Strategy
report 19 Apr 2017

Why don’t we see growth up and down the country?

By Centre for Cities

This Centre for Cities briefing argues that: Different parts of the economy – city centres, suburbs, hinterlands and rural areas – offer different things to business. And this influences the type of businesses they attract and grow. Cities inherently offer […]

Industrial StrategyRegional Policy
blog 18 Apr 2017

Brexit: A new industrial strategy and rules on state aid

By Nicholas Crafts

Nicholas Crafts argues that ‘depending on the outcome of negotiations, Brexit potentially changes the rules that govern the use of industrial policy. The UK government has in mind risky policy reforms that appear to be incompatible with EU rules on […]

BrexitIndustrial Strategy
blog 13 Apr 2017

10 ideas for a successful place-based industrial strategy

By Paul Swinney

The Centre for Cities set out 10 ideas on how the Government can develop an industrial strategy which recognises the significance of place as the organising framework for the UK economy, and which builds on the diverse roles that different places […]

Industrial StrategyRegional Policy

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